Bed Rest Sucks

So this baby just doesn’t want to come out. I have 2 days until my due date and so far, nothing. I think he’s definitely going to be a stubborn one like his big brother who was 9 days overdue. All I can really do is think about the things I can’t do. Lol. I don’t have much to report since I can’t do much from a sitting and lying position. This week I’ve been trying to get as much done as I can, but all I’ve been able to do is fold laundry. That’s it. Laundry. I can’t put it in the washer, switch it over, or get it out, but I sure can fold it! I am so looking forward to getting my body back, even if it is 100+ lbs. overweight. Lol. I look forward to not having anymore back pain or pelvic pain. I look forward to being able to roll over in bed in one swoop, not 4 or 5, and in excruciating pain. I look forward to being able to get up from a lying position on my own, or in less than 5 minutes on my own. Plus, having this baby means I can really start planning my new workout schedule which I’m almost just as excited about! =D


Why I Want To Lose The Weight

I can’t wait to finally get in shape and be healthy. I want to look at myself in the mirror and be proud and happy with the way I look. I know I can do this and I can’t wait to prove it to myself!

In case you’re interested, here’s my list of all the reasons I’m looking forward to being a former fat girl:

So I can be around to meet my grandkids.
So I can shop at any store.
So I won’t be self-conscious when I eat in public.
So I will look good in my clothes.
So my family will stop worrying about losing me.
So I can use regular towels instead of beach towels.
So Hubby can pick me up and spin me around. And dip me.
So I won’t have to use a pillow or my arms to cover my stomach.
So I will inspire the people around me.
So when Hubby says I’m beautiful, I actually believe it.
So when I hear laughter, I don’t assume it’s directed at me.
So my kids don’t grow up with the same insecurities I did.
So I can stop using my weight as an excuse for my other problems.
So I won’t dread having my picture taken.
So I won’t feel sick and sluggish every single day.
So I will feel more confident.
So I can fit on amusement park rides.
So I can be known as the athlete who runs marathons.
So I can improve my “bedroom time” with Hubby.
So I can do more adventurous things like ziplining.
So I won’t have to secretly worry about my seat breaking.
So I can walk up a flight of stairs and not feel winded.
So I can have the short haircut I want.
So I won’t struggle to get up from a seated position.
So my back doesn’t hurt so much.
So I won’t be embarrassed to tell people my weight.
So I won’t wonder if people are thinking “What is he doing with HER?”
So I can feel comfortable in a bathing suit.
So when I see old friends, (or enemies,) their jaws will drop.
So I can wear Hubby’s shirts and they’ll be baggy.
So I can finally be the person I want to be.
So I can stop feeling like I’m not good enough.
So I can run around with my kids.
So I can accomplish something and be proud of yourself.
So I can feel comfortable in my own skin.

I’ll do it for every time I cried over my body.
I’ll do it for every time I hated what I saw in the mirror.

And yes, I’m posting this on my bathroom mirror, on my treadmill, and on my fridge; reasons why I will never give up!

Waiting And Relaxing

Again, it’s been a long week. I’ve been trying to get things done around the house, with tons of help from my husband. He surprised me yesterday with a place to start my vegetable garden, which I cannot wait to start after I’m healed from labor. Lol. We also bought a barbeque, a kiddie pool for our son, and some patio furniture so we can enjoy some time together outside, comfortably. It’ll be nice to spend more time with my son outside where he can run around more, which will help me be more active as well. He’s excited to help me with my garden too!

What else has been going on this week? We did go to visit Devan’s grandparents which was so fun. We love them so much and it’s always great catching up with them. We also got to visit my family. We got to see my nieces and nephews and Aiden got to run around with his cousins for the first time in a very long time. He had the time of his life. I so wish we lived closer so they could play more often. Us adults? We just relaxed in the pool mostly. It was a nice change of pace.

Other than that, I’ve been resting as much as I can, other than walking around stores to maybe get this baby coming. I think it might be working too, because I have major back pain-like contractions and that’s how my labor started with my son. Fingers crossed our new little one will make his appearance soon!

Miss Me?

It’s been a full week since I’ve written here? Wow. The last 7 days have just flown by. I’ve had so much going on and so much to get done, and of course I got sick in the midst of it. I’m still sick, actually. Anyway, Happy late Easter! I hope it was a good one for you. We enjoyed some time with family (sick and all) at the zoo, which was a blast, even with me having to sit down every ten minutes. (I was 37 weeks pregnant after all!) We also had our first Easter Egg Hunt with our son and he loved it. Not more than he loved eating a ton of candy though. Lol. It was a long day and a long night, but so worth it. I love family holidays!



I fear this blog may not be very interesting for the next few weeks. I’m sick and on bed rest, I’m not working out yet, obviously, or cooking…. Pretty boring right now. All I’ve been doing is sitting/laying around with my 2 year old playing quiet games and watching movies and tv. This next week, the only things I have planned are┬ádinner with my grandparents-in-law, who I absolutely adore, and visiting my family for the day.┬áSo this week will include lots more family time and hopefully me getting over this darn cold! ….And maybe me having a baby?? THAT would be nice!