Weigh-In – Two Months In!

I weighed myself this morning about 5 times because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I even had my husband come make sure I wasn’t going crazy. It says I weigh 287! That means I’ve lost 5 lbs. this week! It also mean I’ve lost 10 lbs. in the last 4 weeks, since I started Insanity, and 24 lbs. in the last 2 months! I am truly in shock right now!

This week hasn’t been he best, either so I’m surprised. I usually don’t see results for a week, so these are the results from all my hard work last week. I am not expecting a big number next weigh-in because this week has been really hard. I haven’t worked out since last Monday because I was sick all week. Maybe TMI, but it’s that time of the month and I’ve always had horrible cramps. And all I was to eat is soup, grilled cheese, and brownies. Lol. I had about 1 of each all week so I’m proud of that. I was so tempted to just give up on healthy eating all week. The only real exercise I got in was about a 1.5 mile hike with my hubby and kids yesterday. I was holding my 2 month old in his carrier half the time so that was an extra 17 lbs. or so. We were supposed to do the whole 5 mile hike, but we got lost on the way and it was going to get dark soon. No way was I dong that hike with drops on the sides of the trail with my kids at night! Maybe we’ll try it again next Sunday.

I had a few days when I was so discouraged because I wasn’t working out, too. Not only was I hurting, but I also get depressed sometimes so I was battling that this week too. I’m sure I could’ve pushed through and worked out a few times at least, but I just couldn’t get my body to get off the couch like my mind wanted it to. Oh well. That’s in the past now. I will have to try and find some healthier recipes for my TOM cravings next month and find some easier workouts if it comes to that. But that’s all I’m going to say about it. No dwelling on my little mistakes or setbacks. I know better for this week and am excited to get back on track!

Actually, I plan on coming back with a vengeance! My plan this month is to not only conquer Insanity but also to complete this July challenge from https://www.facebook.com/4fitmommas. Who’s with me??

JulyChallengeHere’s to turning my setback into a comeback!! =D


2 thoughts on “Weigh-In – Two Months In!

  1. Yay you!!! I let a friend borrow my insanity so I didn’t get to continue it. As soon as I get it back I am in! Until then arm and ab challenge it is 🙂

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