Have A Healthy Independence Day

Since it’s a few days before the 4th of July, I though I’d share some of the healthy recipes I’ve found for the holiday! Clean eaters can enjoy the fireworks too! =D

Of course, grill your lean meats and veggies on the barbeque! Kebabs are my favorite. Easy, fun, and you can toss on a little meat and tons of veggies!











strawberry cheesecake


Not your usual 4th of July meal, but looks delicious none the less:



There we have it! And here are a few tips on making sure you keep your independence day healthy:

1. Use Small Plates

Using small plates tricks your mind into thinking you’re eating more than you really are!

2. Eat The Healthiest Foods First

Try and fill up mostly on the veggies and lean meats, that way you’ll eat les of the sugary fruits and desserts.

3. Hydrate!

Drink a lot of water throughout the day. Not only is it going to be hot outside, but the drinking water helps to keep you full.

4. Write It Down

Keep your food journal (or a pen and paper) with you and write down what you eat. It will help keep you accountable!

5. Eat before you go

If you’re not throwing the party and making the food, eating before you go will keep you from wanting to eat some of those unhealthy options.

6. Most of all, get out there, be active, and enjoy the day!

Go for a swim or even just take a walk with family and friends!

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