Another Week, Another Weigh-In

Well, this week has been a tough one. Visiting family while trying to eat right is hard. We went to visit my in-laws and ended up going to a block party with tons of food. I found some healthy things, but as my husband sat down next to me with a plate full of stuffed jalapenos, cookies, and cake, I found myself eating a few bites from his plate! Fail. We went straight from the party back to their house and ate dinner. (I did not need to eat any more.) We had to eat fast so I scarfed down a veggie burger, a baked potato, carrots, corn on the cob, and some potato salad. WHAT?! Right after I finished my plate, I was completely disappointed with myself. I just had to keep telling myself that it was only one meal (one BIG meal) and that the next day would be better. Also, I got 2 hours of cardio in the pool that day so that helped a little as well. We were supposed to leave the next morning but there was a change of plans and we stayed for another day and a half. And no, I didn’t bring Insanity with me. We went to the beach the next morning and I got an amazing workout in the ocean (trying not to get pulled in, lol) and on the shore, chasing my dog around with my son. It was a exhausting but such a blast! And I ate as well as I could with what I had. The real problem is that when I’m out and about or hanging out with people, I forget to eat! Ugh. Lessons learned I hope.

Which brings me to the weigh-in. Yeah, not so good this week. I screwed up with food and my workouts this week and ended up gaining 3 lbs. Yep, I’m back up to 290 lbs. I’m so ashamed. I know that I have people who are looking to me to inspire them and motivate them and I feel like I’ve let all of you down this week. I’m sorry to you and to myself for doing this again.

This is a daily struggle. I have an addiction to food. It’s real. And it’s hard to get past it. It’s the same as having any other kind of addiction; alcohol, drugs, etc. To me, an eating addiction is worse. You can rid your house of alcohol and drugs, but we all have to eat. My addiction stares me in the face every day. I keep wondering when I’ll stop having these setbacks. Every time I mess up I feel guilty, ashamed, and disappointed. All I want to do is curl into a little ball and cry. But I found something on facebook that my coach posted and it made me feel so much better so I’d love to share it with you.


But, since I’m halfway through Insanity (only 4 weeks left!) and I’ve seen some changes other than on the scale, I thought I’d post some more during pictures. These are my 30 day results with Insanity:

before1during day 30

before 2during day 30 (2)

before 3during day 30 (3)

Weight – 290 (7 lbs. down)

Pant Size – 22 (down 2 pant sizes)

Shirt Size – 2x (down 1 shirt size)

Waist – 50 (down 1 inch)

Hips – 52 (down 2 inches)

Chest – 45 (down 2 inches)

Arms – 14.5 (down .5 inch)

Thighs – 29 (down 1 inch)

Body Mass Index – 49.3 (down 1 point)

Body Fat – 57% (down 1%)

And there you have it. Progress! I have 4 weeks left until Insanity, which means to meat my original goal for the program, I need to lose another 23 lbs. which seems crazy! I also joine another challenge group. This one is 90 days so finishing this round of Insanity and finishing another round as well. My goal for that is to lose 40 lbs., fit into a size 18 pants and an XL shirt. Wish me luck??


2 thoughts on “Another Week, Another Weigh-In

  1. You have made great progress! Tomorrow is a new day and you can pick right back up where you left off. I know you can reach your goal, keep up the good work…

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