We Are Warriors!

I may have a lot to work for but also a lot to be proud of. I am now on day 39 of Insanity. Wow. I’ve never kept up a workout for this long before! I love the workouts, I really do. I hate them because they hurt, but they hurt so good. I can feel myself getting stronger. I love it. It’s such an amazing feeling. I’m still really overweight, but I feel stronger. I can feel my muscles working now. Who knew I even had muscles underneath all this fat. I know there are abs in there somewhere because they hurt. Lol. I am feeling really sore all over again after having an almost non-existent workout week last week. I hurt all over. Yesterday was a lot of squats and leg work so it hurts to sit down and stand up. But I’m still loving it. I am seeing a difference in my performance and it just tells me that I will reach my goal and I will be able to do all the moves that they do in the video. Eventually.

blog111Another thing I love about Insanity? The trainer. Shaun T is AMAZING! He really kicks my butt every day. Those moments where he gets in your face and says, “Push. Keep Going. You got this. Dig deeper!” I really do kick it into high gear and bust it out as best I can! Don’t get me wrong, most of the workout, especially the moves I can’t do and now that I’m in month 2, I hate him. I curse at him through the screen. But when I’m done, after I’ve realized I can do it (or at least I’ll be able to soon) I LOVE him. He is so incredibly motivating!

This program might not be right for everyone, but it’s definitely right for me. It’ just what I need to get me to where I want to be; 50 lbs. lighter by Oct. 7th. That’s my goal date. By then, I will have finished 2 rounds of Insanity. I plan to be a size 18 pants and XL shirt. I think I was 15 the last time I fit into 18s. I have a goal outfit I need to buy to make it official, but that’s the goal! I know if I push myself that I CAN do it.


So can you. You’ve got this! If you commit and stick with it, day in and day out, there’s no way you’ll ever fail! There are always bumps in the road. There are always setbacks. But the only way you fail is by giving up. Don’t give up! I can do it. You can do it. We can do this together! I am here to support you and hopefully motivate and inspire you to keep going! You are a strong! You are a WARRIOR!!



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