T-Minus 13 Days!

Wow, less than 2 weeks left until I finish my first round of Insanity! Already?

So, first things first, I missed my weigh-in on here last week because my older son was sick, then my husband, then me. Ugh. It was bad. I did actually weigh-in though, just had no time to post it, and I lost 7 lbs.! (Down to 283!) Insanity Month 2 is a killer!! But it was fun. I like how challenging it is. Even though I still cry during every workout for one reason or another. Sometimes because I’m overwhelmed, sometimes because I’m frustrated, and sometimes because I’m proud of myself. These workouts alone are helping me learn so much about myself and also shape myself into the person that I want to be, not only physically but mentally as well. It’s like they’re magic! Lol.

So, after that huge weight loss, my family did get sick and I was either too busy taking care of them or too sick myself to do hardly any workouts last week. And the ones I managed to start, I didn’t end up finishing. Yeah, it was really bad. I kept up with my healthy eating as best I could, but I had some not so good soup and grilled cheese a couple of times and things like that. I also didn’t eat as often as I normally do. I went from eating 5-6 small meals to eating 3-4 depending on how I felt that day. Hopefully I’ll be more prepared next time we all get sick with some easy snacks and recipes. (Blog post idea? Lol.)

So, as you can see, I was worried about my weigh-in yesterday. It’s been a rough week and while I wasn’t expecting a gain, I wasn’t expecting another big number either. I was pleasantly surprised when I got on the scale and lost another 5 lbs.! (Down to 278!) So, I’m down 19 lbs. in 50 days with Insanity and 33 lbs. overall in less than 3 months! I’m beyond excited about these numbers! I’m feeling a little better this week and looking forward to really busting it out these next two weeks! I can see the finish line for this round and I am SO excited to see my results from Day 1 to Day 60, especially from my before and after pictures! This is it, I’m almost there!! If I lose another 11 lbs. by the end of this, I can treat myself to that mani/pedi! Wish me luck, I could really use this reward. Lol.


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