Long Time, No Blog

I have really been slacking on here. I have had SO MUCH going on.

Where do I start….?
I’m just going to say it plainly and simply for the purposes of getting it off my chest and moving past it. My husband and I separated and I left the home we shared on August 10th with our two little boys. I’ve since moved in with family who are helping me until I can get on my feet. I am working really hard trying to find a late night/overnight job so I can still be at home to raise my kids. I’m also trying to get through school as quickly as possible so I can get my personal trainer certification and start my career. It’s extremely difficult and scary being on my own, but I am happy about the decision I’ve made for myself and my kids and I am looking forward to learning and growing from this experience.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. Lots of stress, tears, and heartache. It’s been a long, hard 6 weeks and my new healthy lifestyle has suffered as a result. I haven’t worked out as much as I could or should and my eating has been….not so great. Well, I can’t afford my own food right now, not the way I was eating when my eating was perfect, lol, so I’m doing the best I can with what my family buys. They are vegetarian and eat a lot of healthy food. The only problem is I need the protein from the meat (I get meat here and there) and they eat a lot of carbs, which I shouldn’t be eating. As you can see, my eating plan has been a little off.

But the one thing I am so so proud of myself for is I have gotten my portion sizes right and I haven’t strayed from that. I can’t even remember the last time I had seconds of anything and that is big for me. I can still remember getting seconds and sometimes thirds at dinner. Now, I feel satisfied after just one plate and I honestly don’t even think about getting another helping. I never thought I’d be able to get my portion sizes under control either, but I have, and after only 4 months of this lifestyle change. That is a big Non-Scale Victory for me! I know I’ll “slip up” in the future, we all do, but I am so happy to have reached this one little milestone.

Another thing I wanted to do was just sum up my challenge goals really quick. I am in two weight loss challenges at the moment. The first one started July 8th and ends October 7th with my goal being to lose 40 lbs. in that time and fit into size 18 pants and an XL shirt. So far, I am down 24 lbs. and not sure of the sizes. My pants are really loose but we’ll see! The second one just started September 6th and ends the same day as the first. The goal is for everyone to lose 5% of their weight which for me is 13.5 lbs. I forgot to choose rewards for this round, but since I missed my goal last time, I’ll just extend that reward to these challenges. A manicure for my 5% challenge and a pedicure if I lose those 40 lbs. Mani/Pedi here I come!!


Have A Healthy Independence Day

Since it’s a few days before the 4th of July, I though I’d share some of the healthy recipes I’ve found for the holiday! Clean eaters can enjoy the fireworks too! =D

Of course, grill your lean meats and veggies on the barbeque! Kebabs are my favorite. Easy, fun, and you can toss on a little meat and tons of veggies!











strawberry cheesecake


Not your usual 4th of July meal, but looks delicious none the less:



There we have it! And here are a few tips on making sure you keep your independence day healthy:

1. Use Small Plates

Using small plates tricks your mind into thinking you’re eating more than you really are!

2. Eat The Healthiest Foods First

Try and fill up mostly on the veggies and lean meats, that way you’ll eat les of the sugary fruits and desserts.

3. Hydrate!

Drink a lot of water throughout the day. Not only is it going to be hot outside, but the drinking water helps to keep you full.

4. Write It Down

Keep your food journal (or a pen and paper) with you and write down what you eat. It will help keep you accountable!

5. Eat before you go

If you’re not throwing the party and making the food, eating before you go will keep you from wanting to eat some of those unhealthy options.

6. Most of all, get out there, be active, and enjoy the day!

Go for a swim or even just take a walk with family and friends!